Total Marketing Support

With regular weekly meetings at the base, for at least six months to several years, we work on the user-communication planning and implementation of the appropriate plans for the company, entire division or title by title. By sharing our plans for the future, we are able to make proposals and implement measures from a mid-to-long term perspective, rather than just creating one-off promotion plans.


There has to be a clear reason for a consumer to pick up a game out of the thousands of games released every year. To determine this reason, there are three elements we have to understand: understanding the product, understanding the community and understanding the creators and company who made the game. Therefore, as a principle, we do not accept orders of individual plans (e.g., “TV commercial production” only). We will enter a continuous planning contract for a minimum of six months, and through mid-to-long term communication with the client while receiving a planning fee, we provide a marketing story and propose/implement the various measures necessary to realize the story. We believe that by receiving a planning fee, we are able to make the best possible proposal for our clients. Regarding the timing of the contract launch, RYU’S OFFICE recommends at least six months prior to the title release.

Functions and services