A message from our CEO

Ryuta Konuma

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Having been involved in game marketing as a freelancer for a long time while since university, and after working as a director in charge of marketing at a console game company, he founded Ryu's Office, Inc. in 2008 to provide specialized marketing solutions for game manufacturers. He has been working on the promotion for many game titles as a "Game Promoter."

CEO Ryuta Konuma

We will continue contributing to gaming with our colleagues who all love and are committed to games.

The gaming market has continued to grow over the past 40 years, through several technological generations, forming a stacked market.
Gamers have also accumulated 40 years of gaming history as memes and have acquired various means of propagating themselves, making the gaming market uniquely complex.
The number of game titles released each year is now beyond our recognition.
We believe that a clear and definite reason is necessary for users to pick out a single title.

Mission & Purpose: Why we are here

RYU'S OFFICE exists to spread the stories of game creators and their works to as many people as possible.
From the time of its establishment, RYU'S OFFICE has focused on facing both the market and users.
We have focused on a clear narrative-oriented strategy to improve the differentiation and competitive advantage of games, as well as to design retainable communications to create a scenario for loyalizing customers.
Above all, we want to help companies and creators who are facing new challenges in an increasingly complex market.

Challenge: What we face

The opportunities for Japanese content to be appreciated overseas have dramatically increased.
At the same time, being recognized overseas is increasingly becoming a requirement for games.
On the concept of "think in Japanese but speak in other," we are working on the theme of simultaneous global communication from Japan.
We want to share excellent Japanese "games" with, literally, as many people as possible.
In addition, we want to work on bringing excellent contents from overseas to the Japanese people.
As the quality and quantity of the works we support are rapidly improving and expanding, we have been working on organizing RYU'S OFFICE since 2014 in order to provide higher quality and more stable services.
As a result, we have gathered many people who are passionate about games.
We are looking for people who are serious about "games" and want devote their lives to them.
We have been in business for 11 years now, but we are still a small company.
We will continue to contribute to "games" in order to fulfill our purpose of existence.
To this end, we would like to ask for your further support and guidance.

CEO Ryuta Konuma

「Sequence」is key to presentation
Communication by the minute moves hearts

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