Our services (Business domain)

Planning & Consulting

We create clear narrative-oriented marketing strategies and increase the differentiation of products. Additionally, we design scenarios that drastically increase the retention of users to transform them into loyal customers.


Understanding the challenges faced by game makers, we survey both market and users to give our clients substantial elements to make decisions.


We plan and execute all or part of a PR process from communication design, to broadcasting, and brand lifting.

Graphic, Comic & Illustration

We create paper advertisements, key visuals of video games, and unique content through collaboration with manga artists and novelists whom only we can access.


Through communication strategy, market survey, accumulated statistical data of user environment and our knowledge of advertising, we operate a specialized advertisement called “in Minutes Operation”*
(*Operation focused on originality and speed of information to achieve high topicality even a few minutes after reveal / release )

Digital Solution

With our deep knowledge of web, systems, and other digital creative areas, we provide unique and effective solutions closely tied with communication strategy.

Program Production

With our deep knowledge of live streaming, we plan and produce popular live streams and online programs to build up a huge audience.

Video Production

With our deep knowledge of video and cinematic editing, we produce both live-action movies and edited game footage videos to further develop communication strategy.